A sovereign, proof-of-stake blockchain protocol that enables private, asset-agnostic cash and private bartering among any number of parties.

Features of Anoma

  • Private, asset-agnostic cash

    Keep your financial and transaction data anonymous no matter the asset you wish to use, transfer, or trade, from currency and NFTs to goods and services.

  • Private bartering among any number of parties

    Increase the likelihood of finding suitable trading partners through n-party bartering, whereby multiple parties diagonally exchange assets within a group.

  • Flexible commitments to value

    Group together with other parties whose preferences align with your own to articulate shared desires in intents and create n-party atomic settlements.

Participate in the Anoma Network

Besides simply using Anoma as a bartering platform, there are multiple other ways to take part in the network, with roles ranging from validating and staking to gossiping and matchmaking. Contribute to the growth of the project and even receive rewards for your efforts.

Join the Anoma Community